Plan Your Visit

Visiting any church, especially a new one, for the first time can be a tough experience. Where to go? What to wear? What time to arrive? What’s here for my kids? What can I expect? These and many other questions surface. We want to put you at ease. Your first visit to Harvestview Baptist will be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your family. We want you to experience inspiring music, helpful teaching and preaching, friendly people, and a place where you feel welcome and “at home” with us! Here are a few answers to questions you may have and what you can expect on your first visit.


We are easy to find. The church is meeting at the Springhill Suites at the corner of University and Yellowstone Hwy, on the south side of Rexburg, Idaho. Our service is held in the hotel’s banquet room on the first floor. The easiest way to enter is through the double doors on the back side of the hotel, where you can also find parking.


Singing is one way that we can worship God. During our services we sing traditional and newer songs that allow you to praise the Lord.


The Bible is God’s Word, and it is absolute truth that we can trust in to guide us and give us answers to life. That is why the messages are a prominent part of our gathering. The more we learn about Him, the more we will desire to praise and serve Him because of who He is and what He has done for us.


Prayer is an important part of our services (although we will not ask a visitor to publicly pray). In the middle and at the end of our service especially, we will have a special time of prayer where you can quietly talk to God in your seat; this allows you to focus on God, confess any wrongdoings to Him, and allow Him to work in your heart.


For church members, the offering is when we cheerfully give back to God through our finances, knowing that He gave us everything we own. As a guest, there is no obligation to participate in this portion of worship. We do ask that you fill out a Connection Card and drop it in the offering plate at the end of the service.


We do offer a fully-staffed nursery for children ages newborn through 3 years old. The nursery is located right across the hallway from the banquet room.


Children ages four and up stay in the auditorium during the song service at the beginning. After the song service, children age 4 through 2nd grade can attend Junior Worship across the hall, where they can learn about God at their level.


We want you to have a fantastic experience at Harvestview. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Russell at either 208.313.4756 or